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Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Apr 5, 2019


You may have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome but do you know how the symptoms feel? If you’re worried that pain and numbness in your hands and wrists may be carpal tunnel, you should seek a professional opinion. While you wait, you can gain a clearer picture of what you’re feeling through the free Carpal Tunnel Symptoms app – available for android devices.



If you’ve been diagnosed or are worried about being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, make use of Carpal Tunnel Symptoms by learning what causes this ailment. After you research and feel more knowledgeable, try the different relief methods the free app suggests. If your situation appears to be more dire, the app can suggest specific surgeries to discuss with your physician.

Break Reminder helps prevent Carpal Tunnel by automatically reminding you to take 10-15 minute breaks for every hour of work.”


The first step is knowing what carpal tunnel syndrome is and what causes it. Carpal Tunnel Symptoms offers a wide variety of useful information to help you determine your specific situation. Even after you research, you still may want to move to the next step of the app to find practical relief methods

Relief Methods

Even if you aren’t a fan of exercise, simple ones can provide relief from carpal tunnel syndrome. Focused exercises on the hand and wrist can prove beneficial to relieving pain. These exercises may be found in the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms app with simple instructions for engagement.


You’ve read through Carpal Tunnel Symptoms extensively. You may have even practiced the many exercises the app provides for relief of symptoms you’ve determined that you have. If you feel you need further assistance, Carpal Tunnel Symptoms suggests corrective surgical procedures you can discuss with your doctor.

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