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Apr 5, 2019


Yoga is widely practiced and believed to promote useful tools such as mindfulness. An Indian practice that is over 5000 years old must provide some benefit to the mind, body, and soul. If you’re unsure how to go about practicing this useful exercise then do it the right way through the free Complete Yoga app. The app also suggests that it may help prevent office-work related injuries including carpal tunnel.



If you’re worried about carpal tunnel or any part of your life that stresses you, Complete Yoga has you covered with easy categories to divide your exercises. You can choose the ‘All Poses’ section and explore everything this free app has to offer. If you’re looking for more results-based exercises check out the ‘Poses by Benefit’ section. Maybe a particular area of your body is bothering you. In this case, look into ‘Poses by Anatomy’.

‘Poses by Anatomy’ can help with that through yoga exercises to strengthen your wrist.”

All Poses

The complete, comprehensive ‘All Poses’ category shows you everything the app has to offer. If you’re apprehensive about starting yoga, download the app and browse this section. You’ll likely be impressed with the extensive exercises in which you can choose to engage.

Poses By Benefit

We’ve heard Yoga is great in general, but what does it do for specific parts of your body? Complete Yoga has the answers in ‘Poses by Benefit’. Whether it’s work, friend, or family related stress, this section offers specific exercises to assist with your plethora of problems.

Poses By Anatomy

Everyone who types regularly dreads the looming possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome. ‘Poses by Anatomy’ can help with that through yoga exercises to strengthen your wrist. If you have another part of your body that prohibits you from doing things you love, this section can help you target the issue and work out the embedded stress.

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