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Dragon Anywhere

Apr 5, 2019


The word ‘dragon’ may sound scary but it’s not with the Dragon Anywhere app. Speech-to-text is introduced to help you keep working while still providing relief. With Dragon Anywhere, users learn how typing for long periods can cause damage. They also learn how taking small breaks can make a big change.



This speech-to-text app allows dictation to do the work for you. Give your hands a break from typing and allow your mouth to do the work for a while. With 99% assured accuracy from the developer, edits should be few and the results should be flawless. You can also speak as long as you wish with no limit on how long the dictation feature will keep working. You can even use it to fill out forms while you’re on-the-go.

Give your hands a break from typing and allow your mouth to do the work for a while.”


Give your hands a break and allow Dragon Anywhere’s speak-to-text feature do all the typing for you. We know carpal tunnel is a real threat for frequent typers. Why not mitigate this threat by taking advantage of speak-to-text?


While it’s hard to get as close to 100% as possible, the developers of Dragon Anywhere have accomplished this feat. They guarantee the edits performed by the app will have a 99% accuracy rate. This assurance puts your mind at ease while your hands are also at ease through the functions of the app.


Sometimes work doesn’t stop even when you have places to go and things to do. If you have Dragon Anywhere you can make edits to documents and fill out forms hands-free with their speak-to-text software wherever you are.

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