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No Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Apr 5, 2019


You may have tried many ways to battle carpal tunnel but have you tried an ergonomic approach? This is an attempt to minimize muscle strain on your hands and wrists through tips from the No Carpal Tunnel Syndrome App. There’s no harm in trying new tricks through a trusted, new and free app.



If you use a computer every day (as most of us do) it’s important to know safe tips for preventing carpal tunnel. No Carpal Tunnel also offers suggestions for specific hardware and software to assist in your preventative fight. They even suggest old-fashioned books that may help. The app offers a blog so you can record what works best for you and how you’re feeling on certain days.

Break Reminder helps prevent Carpal Tunnel by automatically reminding you to take 10-15 minute breaks for every hour of work.”

Safe Tips

Using a computer is almost unavoidable today but the way you use it could make a difference in whether or not you develop carpal tunnel. No Carpal Tunnel Syndrome offers many computing tricks to make typing for extended periods easier on your wrists and hands. These tricks of the typing trade can be the useful tools for typing away as long as you please.


No Carpal Tunnel Syndrome gives many techniques but doesn’t claim to have all the knowledge for fighting the symptoms. Instead, the app suggests many forms of hardware and software that can also help you prevent or manage carpal tunnel. It even suggests books that might be able to help you live pain free with the ailment.

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