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Apr 12, 2019


Putting in hours of work should be rewarded – it should not leave you with tons of pain like muscle pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), eye strain, headaches, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Download and use the free 3.7MB “Pace” app to keep your body and mind fresh through the simple actions of taking breaks from your work.



The makers of Pace refer to it as an intelligent assistant that reminds you to take breaks during extended periods where you otherwise may forget. It offers short and long breaks to accommodate different workers and work environments. It also knows that sometimes you have to meet that deadline, so it provides you with the option to skip a break when needed. Pace also aims to improve your self-discipline, so it sets limits on how many times you can skip a break over the course of a day.

Pace includes a built-in feature that sets limits on how many breaks you’re allowed to skip per day.”

Short and Long Breaks

Pace’s short breaks occur more frequently but consume less of your time. Usually, they last less than a minute. These are the breaks where you can relax at your desk, breathe deeply, or just clear the clutter from your mind. Long breaks do not occur as often as short breaks, but they are lengthier. These breaks allow you to do things like take a walk, grab a drink or snack, or have an engaging conversation with a friend.

Skip the Break… Sometimes

The makers at Pace realize that your job may not allow you to adhere to every pre-set break designed in the app. Therefore, you’re allowed to skip a break when you really need the extra time to complete your work task. This promotes flexibility in the app and avoids a rigid structure that may intimidate some from giving the app a try.


While ‘skips’ are allowed when you really need them, the point of the app is to actually ‘take’ the breaks that it reminds you to take. Pace includes a built-in feature that sets limits on how many breaks you’re allowed to skip per day. This way, you can still complete those time-dictated tasks and maintain self discipline at the same time.

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