The Effect Of An Anesthetic Procedure On Post Operative Pain Management In Carpal Tunnel Release (CTR)

Apr 5, 2019


Two groups will be randomly selected to participate in a study examining the effectiveness of intra-operative injections of bupivacaine in carpal tunnel release surgery, while analyzing postoperative pain scores and usage of postoperative pain medications.


Study Information

This is an interventional, randomized, double-blind (participants, outcomes assessor), parallel assignment with an estimated enrollment of 200 participants. It will utilize two arms: an experimental arm through the interventional administration of 10cc to patients (Group 1), and an active comparator arm through the interventional administration of 20cc to patients (Group 2) in carpal tunnel release surgery.


Inclusion Criteria

  • All genders and ages are allowed to participate in this study
  • They must be undergoing carpal tunnel release surgery and have an EMG or ultrasound diagnosis carpal tunnel syndrome

Exclusion Criteria

  • Individuals with co-musculoskeletal injuries


The trial will be conducted at University of South Florida Department of Orthopaedics in Tampa, Florida. You may contact Francisco Schwartz-Fernandes, MD at for any questions or concerns regarding the study.



The University of South Florida will sponsor this study. Francisco Schwartz-Fernandes, MD, of USF Orthopaedics will serve at the Principal Investigator. Andrew Sephien, BS, and Evan Horowitz, BS will serve as the Sub-Investigators.

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