Heart Disease Prevention

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Actually, a lot of it has to do with lifestyle changes. For example: people should keep their weight down into the ideal range and if they are obese, they should work on a diet to get their weight down. They should exercise regularly Ð that doesnÕt mean going to the gym and lifting 250 pounds, it means just regular exercise like walking for 30-40 minutes a day or stationary bicycle or swimming or ice skating or whatever Ð one can mix it up. But itÕs important to get some exercise every day Ð that also works against the diabetic state. Also Ð the diet: watch out for all of those simple Carbs. I always call them the four white substances: white sugar, white flour, white potatoes, white rice. Keep those to a minimum in the diet. Lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of lean meats and fish and poultry. And, of course, keep your weight down and exercise regularly. All of those three things can markedly diminish the chance of developing diabetes or can help make the diabetic state much more mild. And of course Ð follow your doctorÕs instructions. Take your pills or the insulin, check your sugar, be sure as a diabetic that youÕre getting your eyes checked regularly and your feet checked regularly because often little sores on the feet end up resulting in amputation. So follow through with your doctor and work on your lifestyle.

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