Stroke Warning Signs

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The warning signs of a stroke coming on consist of an unusual period where the person canÕt speak for a few minutes, or notices that when they are eating food that one side of their mouth is drooping and maybe the food dribbles out, or their arm or their leg suddenly becomes week for a transient period of time (like a few minutes.) ThatÕs usually sometimes called a mini-stroke or a transient ischemic attack Ð that is a brief period when the blood didnÕt get to some of the parts of the brain. Usually it resolves quickly but it is a warning that a bigger stroke is coming on and just like the chest pain that people have when they exert themselves argues for Òwatch out for a heart attackÓ Ð those little symptoms like a sudden loss of some function is a warning signal for Òhey, watch out for a bigger stroke coming.Ó

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