Surgical Options Part 3

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Most patients that end up needing some surgery for their shoulder for rotator cuff tears typically have many surgical interventions performed. This involves cleaning up the shoulder joint of any loose tissue that may be pathologic in causing pain. Removing bone spurs from the undersurface of the shoulder blade called the acromion. Removing the Bursa from the shoulder, which also causes pain. Sometimes the bicep tendon inside the shoulder joint is also found to be a significant source of pain. If this occurs, in conjunction with a rotator cuff tear and repair, you may have the biceps tendon released or released and reattached down in the arm outside of the shoulder. For the biceps tendon, that means that the biceps tendon is removed from the shoulder and can’t cause a significant source of pain along with the fact that it addresses all the pain generators in the shoulder to allow patients to have a more normal shoulder at the end of the operation.

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